Demystifying Change Management: An Introduction to the LaMarsh Change Management Model

Effective change management is crucial for the success of your projects and the growth of your organization. One popular and proven approach is the LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Model. This post will not only explore the key components of the LaMarsh Change Management Model but also delve into how it stands out from other models and the situations where it is the most effective. By understanding this model, project managers and change agents can navigate the complexities of organizational change with greater confidence and success.

The LaMarsh Change Management Model

Developed by LaMarsh Global, the Managed Change™ Model is a structured, systematic approach to managing change in organizations. It is designed to help project managers identify, address, and overcome the barriers to successful change implementation. The LaMarsh Model consists of three main components:

  1. Change management process
  2. Change management roles
  3. Change management competencies

The change management process in the LaMarsh Model is divided into three primary stages: Identify, Analyze, and Implement & Sustain. In the Identify stage, you will recognize the need for change and define the desired outcomes. The Analyze stage involves understanding potential risks, barriers, and the impact of the change on your organization. Finally, the Implement & Sustain stage is about creating a change management plan, executing it, and monitoring its progress.

The LaMarsh Model identifies four key roles in change management: Change Sponsor, Change Agent, Target, and Advocate. Each of these roles has distinct responsibilities, and their successful collaboration is essential for effective change management.

Developing change management competencies within an organization is a vital aspect of the LaMarsh Model. These competencies include communication, learning, collaboration, and problem-solving, which are all crucial for navigating the change process.

How the LaMarsh Model Differs from Other Change Management Models

While there are several change management models available, the LaMarsh Model stands out in three distinct ways:

  1. Flexibility: Unlike some other change management models, the LaMarsh Model is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of organizations and industries. Its flexibility allows it to be applied in various situations and tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each organization.
  2. Focus on roles and competencies: The LaMarsh Model places significant emphasis on the importance of clearly defined roles and the development of change management competencies within an organization. This focus on roles and competencies ensures that everyone involved in the change process understands their responsibilities and is equipped to perform them effectively.
  3. Emphasis on sustainability: While some change management models focus primarily on the implementation of change, the LaMarsh Model also emphasizes the need to sustain the change over time. By including reinforcement and measurement in the Implement & Sustain stage, this model ensures that the change becomes embedded in the organization’s culture and processes, leading to lasting success.

When to Choose the LaMarsh Change Management Model

The LaMarsh Change Management Model is particularly well-suited for the following scenarios:

  • Complex, organization-wide change: The flexibility and structure of the LaMarsh Model make it an excellent choice for managing complex changes that involve multiple departments or functions within an organization.
  • Changes requiring collaboration and buy-in from various stakeholders: The LaMarsh Model’s emphasis on roles and competencies ensures that everyone involved in the change process understands their responsibilities and is committed to the success of the change. This can be especially beneficial in scenarios where collaboration and buy-in from various stakeholders are critical.
  • Long-term, sustainable change: If your goal is to implement a change that lasts and becomes embedded in your organization’s culture and processes, the LaMarsh Model’s focus on sustainability makes it an ideal choice.

The LaMarsh Change Management Model offers project managers a structured, systematic approach to managing organizational change. By understanding the change management process, roles, and competencies, as well as how the model differs from other change management models and when it is preferable, you can improve your ability to navigate change and drive the success of your projects. Embracing the LaMarsh Model can be a valuable step in your journey as a project manager, helping you create positive, lasting impact within your organization. As you delve into the world of change management, armed with the knowledge of the LaMarsh Model, you’ll be better prepared to tackle challenges head-on and inspire others to embrace change, ensuring a brighter future for your organization.

Elevate Your Speaking Game: Why You Should Join Engaging Speakers as a Member and Chapter Director

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