Drake Opens OVO Fest With Meme Blitz Against Meek Mill


Most recently, when he was asked how he felt about potentially losing a rained-out kickball game, Drake responded that he hadn’t “taken a loss all week.”


Drake dealt the latest blow in his ongoing feud with Meek Mill on Monday, opening his OVO Fest set in Toronto with a series of memes dissing the Philadelphia-born hip-hop star.

Rumors of Drake’s newest foray started swirling when he was caught wearing a shirt saying “Free Meek Mill” while rehearsing for his set.

The Canadian rapper first donned the shirt when Meek Mill was incarcerated after violating a probation order last year.

Before long, #FreeMeekMill was trending on Twitter, adding further fuel to the fire as fans weighed in over who is winning the weeks-long quarrel.

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