3 Teachable Things and 5 Unteachable Things That Every Leader Should Know

Innovation Literacy

Leadership development is very key in today’s business environment. The leaders are getting younger, leadership cycle is getting shorter and the cost to retain good leaders is getting higher. If you desire to become great leaders, consider this suggestion.

Here are the 3 teachable things on goal setting and behavioural change that highly successful leaders can use to get better at their game (General Goal – Behaviour Desired – If Then Action)

General GoalBehaviour DesiredIf-Then Action
1. Build better relationships with the sales team to improve sales numbers.Commit one hour per week for lunch with sales team members to get to know them and understand how to motivate and dealing with them.If I am reviewing my weekly schedule on Monday morning, then I will call a sales team member to schedule for a lunch meeting.
2. Become more personally connected to my subordinates.Participate with subordinate…

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