26 Lessons Learned from Investing in 26 Startups

David Cummings on Startups

After yesterday’s post Investing in 100 Startups, several people asked me about the lessons learned from the 26 startup investments I’ve already made. Generally, startup investing is much harder and less glamorous than it sounds, but I really enjoy it — entrepreneurs have such great energy and enthusiasm.

Here are 26 lessons learned from investing in 26 startups:

  1. Entrepreneurs are always overly optimistic
  2. If anything seems fishy or out of the ordinary, immediately pass
  3. Any signs that the entrepreneur isn’t self-starting and resourceful, immediately pass
  4. Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much
  5. Look for a pattern where the entrepreneur had already started a prior business, failed, and is at it again
  6. Lean startups are better than heavy startups
  7. Expect regular investor updates
  8. More traction reduces risk
  9. Lack of liquidity is one the biggest challenges
  10. Exits are few and far between
  11. Plan for 7-10 years before seeing a…

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MOVE Editorial

By Oula Kassir MPH

Michigan State University School of Public Health, East Lansing, MI

 Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who offered an inclusive vision for racial equality. He healed the division of society and built communities. He is vividly remembered as a great leader who believed that there are laws created by higher authority and others created by man and justice will not be served till both laws are even.

 MLK made me realize that leadership could be interpreted and approached differently. I came to understand that leadership involves “inside out” awareness while individuals often think from the “outside in” aspect. In other words, individuals tend to know “what” they are doing but very few know or understand the“why” in relation to the purpose. Leaders, however, begin by understanding “why” and move toward what they need to do to fulfill their purpose. The civil right…

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Brand You! – Developing your online social presence.

The Aspiring Professionals Hub

Google yourself – don’t worry, no one’s watching and we won’t judge you! Were you pleasantly surprised, alarmed or was everything just as you expected? Most of us think we have no social presence online because we do not have any social media accounts but that can be far from true. If your search yielded no results, is that what you really want? Whether you work in sales or not, we are all in the sales business. We are constantly selling our services – skills, expertise, experience – or products and to do this we need to NETWORK. Think of social media as networking with the biggest audience possible – the whole world. In this article, we share how some of these social tools can be used to boost your professional presence and develop your unique and personal brand.


I (Amara) like to think of my social presence as not…

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