Stephen Curry: The super cheap MVP



When Stephen Curry signed his contract extension with the Golden State Warriors in 2012, it looked like a reasonable deal for both sides. A pretty good player with star potential, but also constant ankle problems landing a four-year, $44 million deal? Sounded about right.

That was in 2012, though. Given his recent play, Curry’s contract has to be considered one of the biggest bargains in the NBA lately. The MVP of the the 2014-15 made less money than 61 NBA players last season and was actually just the fourth highest-paid of his team.

Take a look at the graphic above and the table below to see how he stacks up financially with previous NBA MVPs.

1990-91Michael Jordan$2,500,0007
1991-92Michael Jordan$3,250,0004
1992-93Charles Barkley$2,420,00028
1993-94Hakeem Olajuwon$3,170,00019
1994-95David Robinson$7,300,0001

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